A free and powerful music composition AI
based on Deep Neural Networks.

What is LyreLand?

LyreLand is an application that composes music for any purpose.

Accessible to anyone

LyreLand is incredibly easy to use and works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Time saver

You need free music for a specific purpose but do not want to send time looking for it? Just generate it using LyreLand.

Designed for creators

You can be a composer, a game developer, a movie director, or an artistic performer. LyreLand can create the right music for you.

Created by musicians

LyreLand does not juste create random music. It actually respects tonal music rules and can learn new Music genres.

Open-source and free

LyreLand is completely free and open-source. You can get the code on Github and modify it as you like.

Made by students

LyreLand is developed by students from French Computer Science school EPITA.

Try it now!


This program is made by Pierre-Alexandre Veyry, Olivier Laugier, and Arnaud Ou at EPITA and is 100% FREE under the MIT License.

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